bag for lifeThere are many ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste we create. By being aware of this we can minimise the impact on the environment.

 Did you know during our last analysis we found around 40% of waste we throw away was food. Of that around 20% was left over food and 20% was unopend food. Thats a lot of food wasted. Find out how you can help reduce this.

Junk Mail
We all receive some junk mail through the letter box, which we would rather not have. There are two ways in which you can reduce your junk mail.
You can reduce the amount received by signing up to the Mail Preference Service  and opting out from unaddressed mail from Royal Mail.

Real Nappies
Each day in the UK we throw away around eight million nappies. Disposable nappies contain paper pulp, plastics, absorbent gel granules and chemical additives in the plastics and perfumes, carrying a high environmental cost. Real nappies are a great way to reduce and reuse. Find out more

Packaging is all around us, and it plays a vital role in protecting and preserving lots of perishable food items and other items. Find out more


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