Swapping can be a fun community event for you to bring along household items that are no longer needed and take home something that catches your eye for free.

Swapping or swap shops can show that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, promoting reuse across the community.

During times of swapping, people should be able to bring along unwanted items and then take something away. If you haven’t brought anything, you should be able to take something away.

What can be swapped?
Any unwanted items, that are in good condition. Hchildrens books and toys - getting ready for resuseousehold goods, clean clothes, sports equipment, books, tools and musical instruments. Bring photos along of any larger items that you may want to swap.

What cannot be swapped?

Faulty items, dirty clothing, underwear, electrical equipment, business waste, animals and any other dangerous items.

Running your own event
Want to try running a swapping event/swap shop with your friends, community group or school – here’s some useful tips on Running your own Swapping Event.