Jaguar Land Rover at Marston Green Park

 Marston Green Park Action Day with Jaguar Land Rover

Ten big-hearted employees from Jaguar Land Rover gave up two days of their busy working week to help restore some of the equipment in Marston Green Park. The volunteers were keen to give back to the community as part of a team building day and chose to use their time and energy in helping usejlrrs of the park. The purpose of the project was to protect the environment and allow the local plants and wildlife to flourish and to provide better recreation facilities for all the visitors to Marston Green Park. The removal of the waste in the river, painting or wood staining of various bridges, fencing, benches and posts, and cut back of brambles, branches and overgrown shrubbery has rejuvenated the Park and will provided a safe environment for the public to enjoy.

Vince Kiely from JLR said “It was a great pleasure doing the project for Love Solihull. It was such a pity we couldn’t of spent a few more days in the park and do a few more things. It has been rewarding for us back at JLR too as we have been able to build a rapport with the shop floor. It would be a pleasure to work for you again in the future, and hopefully, job permitting, we can do more projects for you”.