Family favourites, Fast Food & Fakeaways

 Family favourites, Fast food & Fakeaways

We all enjoy some firm family favourites such as lasagne or chilli and occasionally enjoy some fast food. But have you ever thought about faking a takeaway? Fakeaways, can often be made at home much quicker than ordering and waiting for the food to arrive.

There are lots of fakeway recipes out there;

BBC Food have a selection of fakeaway recipes from Mexican Steak Burrito,
Lamb kebabs, Classic Cheeseburgers and Chow Mein.

Another way to grab a quick meal is to plan in advance. Such as cooking once but eating twice. For example, if you are making a chilli, why not make an extra portion and freeze it ready for one of those lazy days.  This also works well with lasange and other dishes.

The average household can save around £60 a month by making just five changesFind out more 

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