Every year more and more clothes and textiles are being thrown away, most of which could be worn again.

Did you know that the average household owns £4,000 worth of clothes, 30% of which are unworn in 12 months. 

Is it time to have a look in your wardrobe? What treasures could you potentially uncover. To help you why not try a wardrobe audit


There aredress being altered many ways to reuse clothes; from updating and personalising, swapping and swishing them. If none of these appeal then they can always be donated to charity or recycled.


Updating and personalising clothes
There are many techniques and tips to revamp your wardrobe. From adding some sparkle to using unwanted ties and turning them into a skirt. The internet is full of inspirational ideas. So before you think that skirt has lost its dazzle and its time for a new one, have a look through the sewing box and see what you can do.